Measures to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19 at Inter Bike / Coluer

As part of the prevention of Covid-19 (coronavirus) infection, Inter Bike, Imp Exp Lda / Coluer Bicycles implemented a set of measures that aim to protect the health of its employees, customers, partners and the community, thus guaranteeing the normal functioning of the company.

- Access by people external to the company is restricted and only allowed in strictly necessary cases, subject to prior approval by Inter Bike.

- All meetings must be held by phone, email and / or video conference. 

- The delivery and pickup of goods must be made with minimal contact both between people and equipment and surfaces. Warehouse assistance equipment such as a forklift or pallet truck will be operated exclusively by Inter Bike employees.

- Commercial visits by Inter Bike employees are suspended. Support for our customers is always ensured by telephone, email and video conference.

- We also ask that you do not spontaneously visit our facilities. Please contact Inter Bike in advance by phone or email.

 We apologize for any possible inconvenience but we believe that this set of measures is necessary for a greater good.

We are always available for any further clarification through the contacts below.


+351 234 794 780 |

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