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More than 20 years of experience, dedicated to the assembly of conventional and e-bikes. We offer logistical advantages, short delivery times, custom assemblies and competitive prices.

About Us

The Factory
INTER BIKE is a factory founded in 1998 specialized in the development and production of convencional bicycles and E-bikes. Located in Portugal close to strategic areas with know-how and experience in bicycle manufacturing. Today, the best location with more capacity to supply the European market.
The Philosophy
Since the beginning, our philosophy and work system has been based on every small detail.
During production process, we dedicate more time to each bicycle to increase our quality standards, both in mid, low and professional bicycles range.



Through our fixed team of designers, we can offer several options and ideas for product and graphic designs as well as technical issues, making customizations according the client’s requirements easier. This interaction is fundamental to save time and have good counselling in the creation of the product.


We have 3 different assembly lines:
E-Bikes, High-end and Conventional Bikes.

Automated assembly line specific for E-Bikes.
High-end Bikes
Individual workstations where each bike is assembled from start to finish by our experienced mechanics.
Conventional Bikes
Automated assembly line for all conventional bicycles. Children, City, Road and MTB.


Transportation options weekly and daily by land, sea and track, at competitive price.


The current changes in the bicycle market, stock management, production and delivery times or new regulations make production in Portugal one of the main options for supplying the market in Europe.
From INTER BIKE we offer much more flexibility in the quantities required by our clients, which avoids a greater investment and overstocking, apart from that we offer more agility in specification changes in case of market trend updates. We are close to the best components producers in the market, facilitating the lead of supplies, quantities and component costumization.
One of the highest level growth in the market is the Electric bicycle sector, due to the new rates and the need to increase the quality of products, many brands are choosing to import from European territories, where we are highlited as being one of the best options for production.

Our Main Advantages

Custom design according to your requirements.
Production agility and short delivery time.
Order flexibility.
Know-how, qualified and experienced labour.

Still have a doubt?

Drop us an email and feel free to ask us what you need to know.

More than 20 years of experience, dedicated to the assembly of conventional and e-bikes.


Zona Industrial de Vagos, Lote 27
3840-385 Vagos, Portugal
+351 234 794 780